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IndigoBlu Gilding Products

IndigoBlu Gilding Products

IndigoBlu were one of the first manufacturers to produce gilding flake and a system for using it. The flake can be applied to a variety of adhesive surfaces and well as surfaces where the IndigoBlu Flitterglu has been applied. Sprinkle the gilding flakes onto the adhesive surface or glue, rub with your finger to ensure it adheres properly and then remove any excess with scoochy foam, to reveal a beautiful shining metallic finish. To use the gilding flakes with clear or cling stamps, first apply a small amount of Flitterglu to a piece of Phat Foam, gently working it into the foam to create a glue "stamp pad". Use this foam to apply the glue to your chosen stamp in the same way that you would apply ink, stamp your image and follow the same instructions for adding the gilding flake. The results are fabulous.

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