How to Use the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro

How to Use the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro

The Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Pro is everything you will ever need for your card making projects, in one handy and portable carry case. The carry-case opens out to form a complete workstation and incorporates 10 crafting functions onto the various faces of the case.

 Also included are the crafting accessories including the ribbon shaping pegs, 2 double ended scoring and embossing tools with 3, 4 and 5mm rounded embossing heads and a bone folder, the ergonomically designed cutting mouse with double-ended retractable safety blade, and the hinged ruler. All the required extras are contained within the integral storage compartments inside the tool, with mouldings designed to hold the accessories in place when the unit is closed. 

Download the Instruction Book            Download the Envelope Size Guide

Card Making

Fold perfect cards with this easy-to-use card-scoring facility. Each scoreline is marked with fold names for easy identification and the booklet shows you how to use it to make simple cards or advanced creations such as aperture cards. Create more than twenty different shaped cards.


Envelope Making

Make envelopes in all different shapes and sizes using the innovative envelope folding gridlines. Using our simple-to-follow six step instruction guide, you can make envelopes in all different styles and shapes, quickly and easily. Stylize them with decorative embossed designs on the flaps.


Box Maker

Create aperture boxes, wedge boxes, expanding and exploding boxes, top opening and matchbox slider boxes, bonbon boxes and more in all different shapes and sizes. Your box and lid will fit together perfectly, regardless of the style you choose. Boxes can be made to any specification, in depths of multiples of half an inch right up to 3.5 inches.


Ribbon Shaper

The innovative and easy-to-use peg system will allow you to make bows in seconds, in various sizes and using all types of ribbon, by positioning the specially designed bow-making pegs according to the depth of your ribbon. Achieve perfect and professional results every time with ease.


Envelobox Creator

Create unique dimensional box envelopes to fit cards with embellishments, layered decoupage or shaker domes. Make all different sized enveloboxes with this easy-to-use system.


Popout and K-Card Creator

By combining the functionality of the card making section with the nested popout card shapes you can create a whole host of popout cards in various shapes and sizes. The popout shapes can also be used for making K-cards.


Decorative embossing

A selection of popular designs to dry emboss onto your card and box projects. Various themes appear throughout the case, with decorative borders and corners as well as the popout shape templates and decorative images.


Paper Trimmer

2-piece paper trimmer with measurements in centimeters and inches on 2 axis. The trimmer comes with its own cutting mouse with retractable safety blade and folds away into the storage compartment.


Integral Storage Compartments

Holds all of your crafting accessories which come included; paper trimmer and cutting mouse, embossing tools, ribbon shaping pegs and instruction booklet.



All the extras you will need are stored within the case, including 2 ergonomically designed and innovative scoring and embossing tools with 3, 4 and 5mm round embossing heads, a bone folder, cutting mouse, ruler and bow making pegs.