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Wax Seal Making Kit

Wax Seal Making Kit
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Product Information

Crafters Companion Wax Seal Making Kit. Finish hand made cards, invitations, wedding stationery and more in style with the Wax Seal Kit. Use with a wax beads pack and follow the instructions to melt and create a real wax seal, stamped with a timeless design. With this set it is easy to seal envelopes and decorate paper craft projects with a unique, 3D wax seal. The kit includes tealight cover, spoon and a stamp handle with three interchangeable seal designs, 100 wax beads, 50 in pearl white and 50 in champagne gold.


  1. In addition to the kit , you will need a standard tea light candle (approximately 0.5" high) with a wick trimmed so it's not too long.
  2. Place the candle on a heat resistant surface and light it before positioning the heating base over it.
  3. Put your chosen wax beads in the spoon and rest it on top of the heating base to melt them. It is recommended to use 4 beads to create a seal.
  4. Remove the spoon and slowly pour the melted wax onto your surface.
  5. Gently press your chosen stamp into the melted wax and leave it for approximately 15 - 20 seconds to cool.
  6. Once cool, carefully remove the stamp to reveal your completed wax seal.
  7. You can clean the spoon with folded layers of paper towel - take care as the spoon may still be hot.

Top Tips

  • Why not highlight design accents of your seals with a silver or gold pen
  • Experiment by mixing wax bead colours to create marbled effects
  • Why not add gilding flakes or dried flowers to your wax for added effect.
ManufacturerCrafters Companion

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