Teabag Folding

Teabag Folding

Teabag folding, like quilling has been around for a long time. It's origins are not certain, but it is thought to have started in Holland with people folding up the small bags that loose leaf tea came in, to make fancy rosettes. It has seen something of a revival with the popularity of card making, and now with the Creative Expressions Teabag Folding Stamp Sets and Die Sets, it is becoming even more popular. The dies cut four different shapes and automatically score the paper as they cut, to make the folding easy and accurate. For best results use 120gsm paper or less. The rosette on the card example below was made using 80gsm printer paper.

These are the four die sets:

Pointy Petals Teabag Folding Die Set

Circles Teabag Folding Die Set

Squares Teabag Folding Die Set

Octagons Teabag Folding Die Set

Here's an example of a card made using the Octagons die and matching stamp.

example of card made with teabag folding dies and stamps

Click here for full instructions to make the card and list of supplies used.


The four stamp sets follow the same shapes as the dies, The stamps aere designed to match the four die shapes to add intricate patterns to the folded rosettes.

Pointy Petals Teabag Folding Stamp Set

Circles Teabag Folding Stamp Set

Squares Teabag Folding Stamp Set

Octagons Teabag Folding Stamp Set


Here is an instruction sheet for different ways to fold your rosettes, once they are cut.

instructions for teabag folding

Click here to see a short YouTube video showing the folding technique.